About us

Home4u is a partnership of creative independent agents, which unites real estate specialists with years of professional experience and love for their profession. Our activities are based no only on professional knowledge and skills which are vitally important in such a psychologically, practically and legally complicated area but also on general human values: honesty and true intention to help the client reach their goals. We strongly believe that a deal can be considered as successful only if all parties involved have benefited from it.

We perceive our clients as friends and it is really important for us to help our friends as much as we can. Due to this reason, we would like to facilitate the life of our clients when dealing with such unfamiliar and complicated processes as the sale, purchase, renting out or leasing of property. We would like to cheer up the owners of apartments, houses and plots of land saying that each object has its own purchaser and we meet them quite often, so we have an opportunity to offer your property to them. As concerns those who are still looking for the purchase of their dreams, we are determined to assist so that they do not get lost in the vast jungle of the property. We will be your guide and advisor who explains all advantages and disadvantages of each particular choice, but the final decision will always be made by the client.

We will be grateful for your trust and wish to cooperate with us and we will welcome any telephone calls and letters from you.

Sincerely yours,

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